Privacy Policy

BC.Game is a business that is committed to protecting your privacy. We safeguard your data in multiple ways. Our company is internationally recognized for high standards of protection. We are constantly doing work in order to keep your data secure by implementing new technologies and processes. Our goal is to meet or exceed industry standards. You can discover more about our security protocols and processes by contacting our support team.

Our Policy is an acknowledgment of the fact that we gather your personal data in conformity with the Use Agreement. We follow the Data Protection Act and other laws, guidelines, and regulatory directives, and we will only handle your data in a way which is secure. All sensitive information will not be used for malicious purposes or divulged to any third party. The only circumstances under which the data can be accessed by third parties is through an approved request by law representatives or in compliance with other legal obligations or when you request aid from our customer care staff. All the rules also apply to BC Game app.

BC.Game privacy policy - information for users from India

How Do We Collect Your Data?

There are several ways that we gather your data, including by not limited to:

  • Submitted forms. Contact forms, sign-up forms, and other forms that you fill out are utilized for gathering in conformity with the User Agreement.
  • Cookies. Our cookie policy allows us to view data that may be saved on your device.
  • Varied website analytics. There are different tools used to assess and determine certain data points.

Please note that no data that was gathered through one of the methods above is kept by us longer than stated in the User Agreement.

How BC.Game collects data - Submitted forms, Cookies, Varied website analytics

For What We Do It

BC.Game Privacy Policy emphasizes not only the way we accumulate your data, but also the reasons why we do it. The procedure of amassing both personalized and de-personalized information is carried out to make sure that we are providing you with the best gaming experience possible. Here are the main reasons why we assemble data from players:

  • To prevent fraud and other brands of punishable abuse, namely: money laundering.
  • To adhere to the legal regulations that pertain to specific countries or international jurisdictions.
  • To ensure complete security of every transaction made through all payment methods.
  • To develop better products and/or services that will be better suited to the personal preferences of BC casino players and help them enjoy the casino experience.
  • To deliver a more personalized experience to all players.
  • To create more efficient advertising campaigns and promotional offers.
  • To further personalize the casino and sportsbook services you are receiving.

In short, the gathering and handling of your personal data are carried out to improve the overall gaming experience you are enjoying. It also helps to build a safer environment.

Reasons for collecting user data at BC.Game - how the data is used

Third Parties

To make sure that all of our services are performed in the most efficient way possible, we turn to the services of the following 3rd parties:

  • Google Analytics. It’s an advanced web analytics service that provides data and analytical tools that help improve customer experience and enhance the use of our website.
  • Spam Defense. Invision Community’s Spam Defense Service helps prevent multi-account fraud and spamming.
  • SendGrid. It’s a client communication tool for transactional and marketing correspondence that processes and delivers e-mails.
  • Invisible reCAPTCHA. It ensures that only valid users can access our website and prevent fraudulent and deceptive behavior.

Protection of personal data of BC.Game players - where game data is used